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Charm and Solid Foundations

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

When I opened up the new Charm, I knew I wanted to be a different kind of Hair Studio. I wanted this Hair Studio to contribute to the community somehow. We have so many nonprofits and people making a difference, we want to spotlight them and contribute.

Every season we will have new Charm Merchandise. A portion of every purchase will go towards an organization that will benefit the Santa Barbara community.

My husband Gilbert and I

For those of you that don’t know me that well, I am one of the founders of Solid Foundations. My husband and I started a non-profit here in Santa Barbara. We’ve been official a little over a year. Our mission is to instill confidence in the youth through work ethic, martial arts, fitness, and family values. We do this by running 3 youth classes per week. Mondays we teach martial arts. Right now we're coaching boxing, wrestling, and JiuJitsu. Wednesdays we teach work ethic. This is where they learn how to use a drill and machinery. They learn not only how to work with their hands, but job and life skills. Friday is for fitness. We started this non-profit with only five kids. Three of which were our family. Today, we have over 60 and counting.

I could go on and on about Solid Foundations. I invite you to click the picture below to check out our website. (

My husband and I recently recorded a podcast with Aileen Torres, M.A. from Hearty Dose for the Mind. Click the picture below to learn how we got started. This episode is available on all podcast platforms. However, this link is for apple users. My apologies android users.

As mentioned earlier, a portion of every purchase goes to Solid Foundations.

This season we have the highly recommended loose crop-tops in olive green. We also have the green on a white trucker hat with the snapback. For every top purchased, Charm will donate 5 dollars. For every hat, Charm will donate 4 dollars.

Hats are 30.

Tops are 29.

I feel so strongly in our mission that it’s only fitting that our first donation will be to Solid Foundations. I believe the youth can change your community. As my cousin, Ariana, told me "kids are all one caring adult away from being GREAT!"

Who in the Santa Barbara community do you feel is making a difference? If you would like to nominate the next recipients. Please email with the name of the organization and why you feel connected to them and their cause.

Shop our merchandise by clicking the button below!

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