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Specializing in dimensional color with a focus on brunettes.

I'm a mom, wife, and grandma.  I hold a black belt in JiuJitsu. I can show you how to curl your hair and how to break an arm all in one visit. 


You don't need me to feel beautiful, I'm just here to make your hair goals a reality. 


I have the best career! I get to talk with people and make them feel good about themselves all day. I get to be the person they go to when they are looking for that self-care day. That's why I became a hairstylist. 

I'm fueled by dirty chai lattes. When I'm not at the salon, I'm at a JiuJitsu class, at home cuddling ALL my fur babies (1 dog & and 4 cats), and hanging with my family.  

When you sit in my chair, be prepared to relax and feel uplifted. It's your self-care day! 

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