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Preparing your hair for your Wedding

Updated: Feb 27

Photo by Joshua Shelly Photography

I HIGHLY suggest a trial. This allows you the opportunity to try different hairstyles and perfect the look for your special day. Try a couple of looks that are up and down. There are a few times I will tell a bride, let me just try this updo, I think it would look good. After showing them, 80% of the time that ends up being their style.

Try different stylists. Every stylist has their own style.

Bring pictures to your trial. Look for people that have similar hair textures, hair length, face shapes, and bone structure.

Bring your hair accessories and veil to your trial.

For your bridesmaids, sending inspiration pictures to your hair team will help them prepare for your bridal party.

Get to know your hair. I know braids are in. Whether it's an updo or a half up or half down, getting a braid on the side is a beautiful look. When I get inspo pictures, a lot of time get the person in the picture has massive amounts of thick hair so the braid naturally looks thick and you can see the beautiful dimensions of the braid. There are different techniques and products we can use to provide volume to your braid but there's only so much we can do if you only have 10 strands of hair.

Stunning Bride Ashley. Photo by JoshuaShellyPhotography

"I want my hair down with curls". If your hair does not hold a curl, I highly suggest looking at updos. Once again, there are techniques and products we can use to hold your curls but there's only so much a spray can do. Remember you'll be moving around, taking pictures where people will be tugging at your hair, you'll be sweating and dancing the night away. If you're that queen that throws her hair up at the end of the night, let us just throw it up for you in style.

The bride usually decides if she would like her bridesmaid's hair up or down. I have seen where the bride chooses the style or she allows the bridesmaids to pick a look that they feel best compliments them. "As long as it's down" or "as long as it's up".

One thing to consider is if you're the bride and your wearing your hair down. For this example, let's say you're wearing the Hollywood glam curls with a hair accessory to the side part. Will it be okay if one of your bridesmaids also chooses this look? Communicate that with the bridesmaids. The bride usually enjoys having a unique style than her bridesmaids.

Hair extensions. Please let your stylist know ahead of time that you'd like them to install extensions. Depending on the desired look and amount of extensions added, it can take more time so they'll need to adjust that to their timeline.

A timeline must be created. This helps your special day go smoothly. Usually, the wedding planner, makeup, or hair team will prepare one for you. Please let your bridal team know to come on time to their time slot as you, the bride, needs to be done on time.

The payment: When my team and I go out and glam for a special event, the payment is already taken care of. Cash handling the day of just adds extra stress to both parties.

Hair Prep: I don't suggest performing a deep conditioning treatment the week of the wedding.

Use a clarifying shampoo to clean out all the impurities in your hair. Leaving the impurities in the hair can prevent your curls from staying.

If your hair has pretty damaged ends, I suggest getting it cut 2 weeks prior. Every stylist is different and some may have a difficult time curling freshly cut hair.

The Beautiful Mrs. Amber Brunner. Hair and Makeup by Charm Photo: @amberjeanphoto on IG

Wedding Prep:

Wash your hair 24 hours in advance. If you have extra oily hair, I suggest washing and drying it the morning of.

Unless your style includes getting a blow dry, please show up with your hair DRY. I'll say it again for the people in the back. Please come with your hair DRY. If we have to blow dry any moisture out of the hair, we will be running behind.

If you have curly hair, please blow dry your hair straight. Do not straighten, we can work with the frizz.

Please wear a top that will be easy to take off so it won’t mess up your finished style.

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