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Tips to Prep your Hair for your Special Event

Updated: Feb 19

Photo by Joshua Shelly Photography

When I first started in this industry I was told so many things about dirty hair. It was always a positive thing. To help your hair color, to help your style stay longer, etc., etc. I'm here to tell you it's all a myth. It is easier for us to dirty your hair than it is for us to clean it. We have products that will assist us in getting that grit and texture. Here are some tips to help your style have longer-lasting results.

1. Wash your hair the day before your event. If you have excessively oily hair, then I recommend washing it in the morning. After washing, blow dry it 100 percent dry. Do not use shampoos or conditioners with silicone. That can weigh the hair down. Professional shampoos and conditioners can make a big difference.

2. Come with your hair DRY. I'm going to repeat that again. Come with your hair DRY. Unless you're getting your hair blow-dry styled or your stylist specifically asked you to come with it wet. When you come with it wet, we spend time drying the hair and it causes us to run behind. You always follow the timeline. You don't want to be that one person that makes everyone fall behind.

3. Come with product-free hair. I sometimes suggest they put mousse mid-shaft to the ends of the hair. For the most part, I always recommend not putting any products in. Especially oil or serums. Products can weigh down the hair.

Photo by Joshua Shelly Photography

4. If you're looking to get curls, do not straighten your hair the day before after your wash. Some people don’t hold a curl after their hair was straightened

5. If you're getting hair extensions, please have them clean, dry, and brushed


These tips are my recommendations. I hope this helps you get ready for your special event. Tag me in your photos on Instagram if you followed any of these tips! @charmedbycrystal

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