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Tips on extending the Brazilian Blowout treatment

Updated: Feb 27

The Brazilian Blowout treatment makes your hair smooth, silky, shiny, it reduces 98 % of frizz and reduces your styling time. You just spent an average time of 2 hours at the salon, so let's make your time worthwhile and extend the life of your treatment. Here are the after-care instructions for the amazing Brazilian Blowout treatment.

1. Wash your hair less

The less the better. Every time you wash your hair, a little of the treatment washes out. Use a good dry shampoo to make your wash last longer.

2. Use good products

Especially when using shampoo and conditioner. Make sure you are using a sulfate-free shampoo. The sulfates in the shampoo will start stripping your hair. The Brazilian Blowout company has its line of shampoo that is specifically designed to make your treatment last longer

3. Deep Condition!!

At-home conditioning treatments are great to do once a week. When you have the Brazilian Blowout treatment in your hair, their protein masque helps seal in the treatment, making it last longer.

4. Avoiding swimming pools and beaches

The saltwater and chlorine will strip the treatment so much faster. I have clients that get this treatment every time they go on vacation so they don't have to spend much time styling their hair.

5. Invest in some silk pillow sheets

Silk pillow sheets are the way to go. The friction from tossing and turning at night can cause your hair to disturb the hair cuticle. Silk pillow covers cause less friction making the treatment last longer.

Charm tip: You can get color and the treatment done at the same appointment. If you prefer to spread your appointments to different dates, schedule the color first.

There you have it! I have included all my product recommendations. Follow my page on IG for more tips!

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