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Services to Book After your Vacation

Updated: Feb 26

A few weekends ago, I came back from Stagecoach and all the toner I put in the weekend before, was all gone! All of it. The sun is powerful. These are the services I recommend. Whether you're going to the pool, the beach, or if you're just going to be out in the sun.


If you have any color in your hair, especially lightning aka highlights. I recommend a gloss. This is also referred to as a toner. A toner can refresh your color and brighten your highlights.


There are so many different treatments. It all depends on what hairstylist or hair salon you go to. Here are a list and a little description of the ones I do at Charm Hair Studio. All of my treatments include the removal of buildup.

Moisture Treatment: Adds hydration and shine.

Swimmers Treatment: Removes chlorine, minerals, and salts. It eliminates discoloration (that green color) that is caused by pool chemicals. This treatment also adds much-needed moisture.

Blonding Treatment: Removes mineral buildup and discoloration. Adds moisture.

Curling Treatment: Removes mineral build-up. Gives your curls more bounce by locking in moisture that won't weigh down your curls.

Hard Water Treatment: Eliminates calcium and magnesium build-up. It protects against future mineral deposits. Removes discoloration due to mineral build-up. Hydrates at the same time. Scalp Treatment: This treatment starts off by invigorating the scalp with spearmint and eucalyptus essential oils. It naturally removes and prevents buildup in the scalp. This treatment not only helps soothe dry scalp but it normalizes the natural exfoliation rate of your scalp.

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