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Salon Etiquette | Do's and Don'ts

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Hi Charm Babes! Have you ever wondered about salon etiquette? Before working in a salon I would always wonder what I should and shouldn’t do. Every hair salon and stylist is different. These are some things. - Bri Parker

DON'T I ask that you don't bring children or guests to your appointment. I want Charm to be a relaxing experience for everyone. A lot of time, the child gets bored (understandably) and will want to be entertained so it makes it hard for you to relax. It also may feel crowded since we have a small salon studio.

DO Need a relaxing escape? I want Charm to be your place. Let me make you a coffee, or a margarita, and enjoy your spa day!

DON'T Another huge one for me is bad language. It doesn't seem like that big of a deal to most but it is to me. We want all our guests to be comfortable. Hearing the F-bomb makes some of my guests, including me, feel uncomfortable.

DO feel safe here. We hold your safe space. We're called hairapist for a reason. What happens at the salon, stays at the salon!

DON'T I love that you're using your time to catch up on your shows or your Tik Tok videos, but let's get some headphones. We have clients that like to read so it can be very distracting!

DO Enjoy the music we provide. If you absolutely hate the song, don't be shy. Tell us to next it. If you want to just zen out, take a nap. We'll wake you up. ;)

I hope all my clients and future clients understand. I want everyone to have an amazing experience here with me at Charm.

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