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5 Tips to Pick the Best Inspo Pics for your Color Appointment

Updated: Feb 26

You’re ready for a change!! What are the top apps you use for inspo? Instagram and Pinterest! Am I right? Well, there are so many beautiful "Pinterest hair". Which ones are best for you?

Great question!! Let’s dive in!

1. Look for someone that has the same hair texture, face shape and skin tone. Is their hair thick? Is it straight or curly? Find hair that is similar in texture to yours. Place your thumb over their face and imagine your face there.

2. What is your starting level of lightness or darkness. THIS ONE IS HUGE!!!! If you have black or dark hair, look for pictures where the hair is dark in between the light pieces. Keep in mind that it may take a few processes to get you to the lightness that you desire.

Hairstylist Tip: If you want your in-between color to be lighter, discuss that with your hairstylist. That's a whole process aside from highlights or balayage.

3. Look for someone with the same hair length. Including layers. Example: If you're looking for a face frame and your shortest layer around your face goes to your check. It won’t look like the (picture) model with the layer that goes down to her shoulders.

Keep in mind that the photo may be photoshopped!

4. Hair color can look different in pictures depending on the lighting. Here's an example of one color I did. Her hair indoors looked so different compared to how it looked outside.

5. Consider your lifestyle when choosing these colors. Do you mind if you go into the salon every couple of months to maintain your color? If you do, then looking at pictures where the highlights are right to the root may not be pictures of inspo for you.

If you're looking for a color you once had in the past, bring those pictures in!

In the end, always consult with your hairstylist. They should be able to tell you what the right steps should be to get the desired color. Color consultations are vital.

Check out my IG for some inspo ;) @charmedbycrystal

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