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Simple hair care tips for first time bleachers

I went back and forth if I should use the word bleachers. I decided to use this opportunity to say that bleach is not a dirty word. Unfortunately, bleach can cause damage. This is on both parties, the hairstylist and the client. There are definitely times when a hairstylist has overprocessed hair. There may be multiple reasons for this. The main one, you're dealing with an inexperienced hairstylist. Reason two, The stylist and possibly the client is willing to push the limits knowingly to get the hair lighter.

Now when it comes to us as the client, if we don't take care of our hair by using the tips below. Over time, your hair will get dryer and dryer. The only way a deep cleaning at the dentist will benefit you is if you continue to brush and floss daily at home. Same with hair, what you do at home matters.

Here are some helpful and simple tips for first-time bleachers.

1. Use professional products. Have you ever wondered why shampoo at the drugstore is a lot cheaper than what you buy at the salon? It's because they use cheap ingredients. They're also very diluted so you'll have to use a lot more product. Using professional products provides quality ingredients needed to hyrdate and condition your hair.

2. Use sulfate-free shampoo. This can be a whole blog of its own. To sum up the important part, Sulfates in shampoo start stripping the color out of the hair. Causing it to remove moisture with it.

3. Always use a leave-in conditioner. Bleach is designed to strip color out of the hair exposing natural pigment. Along with this process, it also strips out moisture. After you wash your hair, use a leave-in conditioner. This a great way to put that moisture back into the hair cuticle. This also helps detangler the hair so you're not pulling it out as you brush.

4. Use heat protector. Most hot tools have numebrs on them. Some can get as hot as 450°F. That's pretty darn hot! All of that heat is going directly onto your hair cuticle. Most of ya'll are going over and over the same section. Heat protectant will add a protective layer around the hair cuticle so that it protects it from the heat, but still allows your hair to be styled. I absolutley love Olaplex no.7 and the Enjoys Protect adn Shine spray.

5. Use a mask every five washes. I use to say once a week but not everyone washes their hair the same amount of times. I have some clients that wash their hair once a week then I have ones that wash their hair everyday. If your using a mask most hair wash days, it can weigh down the hair. Same as no. 2 above, the bleach can strip moisture so its very important to put that moisture back. My favorite is Olaplex no. 8 and Enjoys Hair Mask Repair.

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