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6 Reasons to get a Gloss

Updated: Feb 19

Every hairstylist has their own word to describe this service. I like using Gloss or toner. TOmatoe tomatOE. Here are 6 reasons why you should get a gloss. I mainly use Redken shades EQ. I also use Igora from schwarzkopf. Depending on the need of the client. A gloss is a Demi-permanent hair color. This means it gradually fades over time. It can last anywhere from 4-6 weeks. It's also ammonia-free so you don't have to deal with the strong smell. They have glosses for all hair colors. Keep in mind that a gloss will not lighten the hair.

Here are my 6 reasons to get a gloss.

1. Your highlights look brassy. If you got a service done that involves lifting color out of your hair, then most likely you'll eventually need a gloss. The lightener exposes natural pigment so it's only natural for it to fade out. (Even permanent color fades). The gloss can help neutralize this orange and yellow tone.

2. Color looks dull. This can be any color of hair. A gloss can freshen up the color and add shine. Hair can also look dull because it's dry, I really like the Redken Shades for this because It's very moisturizing to the hair, it's a color that thinks is a conditioner.

3.Want to change the tone. You can change the tone by adding warmer or cooler tones. There are so many different shades. you can even add a violet tone to your color.,

4. You want it darker. If any of my clients want to go darker, I always suggest doing a gloss first. If you decide to go lighter, it will be easier for your hair to lighten up. Permanent color will be a lot harder to get lighter.

5. You don't want a line of demarcation. I love this gloss for this reason. It naturally fades so you won't see a line as the color grows out.

6. You want to blend the grey. These demi-permanent colors do not cover grey hair completely. When it stains the hair, it reduces the brightness of the white. To me, it looks like a highlight.

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