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What is a balayage?

Updated: Feb 26

It's pronounced bah-lee-adge.

Balayage is a French word meaning "sweep". We apply the lightener in a sweeping motion to create light pieces. There are not supposed to be any harsh lines. Think of the darker color melting into a lighter color.

Depending on the desired level of lightness, we may use foils. We call that foilyage. Pronounced foil-adge. I have had some clients tell me not to use foil. Depending on your hair goals, foils may be required. Trust your stylist to determine what technique to use.

When you say you want a balayage we know what you’re talking about. Don't forget to bring inspo pictures to your stylist!

This is my favorite color to do. Check out my IG @charmedbycrystal to see all my work.

I’ve included some of my balayage and foilyage pictures as an example.

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