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The one tool everyone needs

Updated: Feb 19

I cut my hair very short to get rid of the damaged I caused it. It felt like it stayed short for so long. I started getting compliments and I too started noticing my hair was growing so fast.

I started to think to myself about what I was eating or doing differently. The one thing I was doing consistently was using a scalp massager. I started doing my research and discovered that this one little tool had so many benefits. It all makes sense. The scalp massager creates a better environment for your hair. A healthy scalp equals healthy hair.

So what is a scalp massager? It's exactly what it sounds like. It's a handheld device that is used to massage the scalp. It usually fits in the palm of your hand with soft spikes at the opposite end.

How to use a scalp massager?

Put it on one spot of your head and start massaging. Going in circles or going up and down motion. Then lift and place it in another area.

What are the BENEFITS?

Benefit #1: It exfoliates the scalp. This helps remove buildup from products, natural oils, hard water, and dead skin flakes. When any of that build up on your scalp, they're also clogging your hair follicle. This may also cause hair loss. This is great for dandruff. I recommend pairing it with Malibu C's Scalp shampoo. These two together are a perfect Scalp Detox.

Benefit #2: The pressure from the scalp massager dilates the blood vessels under the scalp causing the hair follicle to stretch. This encourages thicker hair to start growing.

Click here to check out this scientific study published in 2016 where they took 9 healthy males and tested the effects of a scalp massage using a tool. The results showed "Standardized scalp massage resulted in increased hair thickness 24 weeks after initiation of massage."

Benefit #3: As that pressure dialates the blood vessels, it invigorates the scalp increasing blood flow. Getting that blood flow aids in healthy hair growth. Good circulation is what your body needs. Your scalp needs that too.

Benefit #4: It relieves stress. Stress can cause so many things to your body, including hair loss. Add this to your night routine and it will help you relax. If you wear your hair up too tight, at the end of the day you can relieve that tension with your scalp massager. Giving your scalp some relief and relaxation.

Should I use it on dry hair or wet hair?

You can use it on dry and wet hair. I wouldn't recommend going in a circular motion with dry hair because it may cause tangles. I recommend using it every time you wash your hair during the shampoo process.

How often can I use it?

It all depends on the reasons why you're using this. For dandruff and removal of buildup, you can use this tool every other day. If you're looking to grow your hair, I recommend using it daily. For best results, twice a day.

How long should the massages be?

On dry hair, the recommended use is 5-minute sessions. On wet hair, 2 minutes.

A healthy scalp is VITAL to healthy hair growth.

You can order one online and get it shipped or pick it up at Charm Hair Studio

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