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Vacation Hair Tips: BEFORE you go in the water

Updated: Feb 26

This is the one thing I always get asked by my clients when they're about to go on their vacation. I myself love to travel. I also love to have long and healthy hair. All my vacations pretty much include a pool, river, lake, or ocean.

No one wants a huge routine while they're on vacation so I put together some options for you.

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Here are my tips to keep your hair healthy while on vacation.

BEFORE you go into the water

Use oil (not serum). The oil penetrates the hair shaft preventing the chlorine from entering the hair cuticle. Think of the oil making the hair waterproof. This also prevents blonde hair from turning green.

It would take a lot of product to saturate the hair so apply water first.

I love the the Davines Oi Oil. It's the perfect size to throw in your carry-on.

Another option would be to use a leave-in conditioner. I always pack the Enjoy leave-in conditioner because they make it in travel sizes. The less I have to pour into travel-size bottles, the better. The leave-in conditioner will also protect against chlorine. Don’t forget to apply water first.

If you didn't pack any of the above use tap water. By getting your hair wet, it allows less of the chlorine or saltwater to be absorbed.


After applying the above, putting your hair up in a bun or braids will add protection.

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