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Clarifying Shampoo: The what, why, and when

Updated: Feb 18

This is the less asked for shampoo and probably the most needed. Do you ever feel like your hair is heavy, greasy, limp, dull, or it gets oily quicker? When you feel like your everyday shampoo isn't cleaning your hair, clarifying shampoo just might be the remedy.

Clarifying shampoo cleans all the impurities out of the hair. These may be caused by minerals and hard water. impurities, your environment, medication, or product build-up.

If you're using store-bought shampoo, they leave a waxy film that starts to build upon your hair cuticle. Another reason you can add to the list on why hairstylists don't suggest any of those lines.

How often should I use a clarifying shampoo? It all depends on how often you are washing your hair. I would say to use a clarifying shampoo every 3-5 washes. If you're using a clarifying shampoo as your daily shampoo, you're using it too much. This will start stripping the moisture out of your hair.

Did you know? Product build-up can start clogging your hair follicle. This can block new hair growth and may cause you to start losing your hair. Scrubbing your scalp will help exfoliate. Use a scalp massager for extra exfoliation. (It also helps with hair growth.)

I recommend the Olaplex clarifying shampoo.

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