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4 Ways You Are Damaging Your Hair

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

My hair is damaged (damaged) so damaged (so damaged)

And you can blame…

(Anyone else remember Danity Kane’s song, Damaged?)

Do you blame damaged hair on the flat iron you’ve owned for 8 years? While it’s likely time to purchase a new one and add some heat protection to your styling routine, there are other ways you could be damaging your hair at home.

From high ponytails to laying out in the sun, your hair can experience damage in a variety of ways. Some of the ways will seem pretty obvious while others may shock you.

4 Ways You Are Damaging Your Hair:


How are you drying, detangling, and styling your hair? Your techniques and accessories may be causing hair breakage. Here are top ways you may be mechanically damaging your hair:

  • Hair accessories such as hair ties, clips, and bobby pins.

  • Brushing hair when wet. (While it seem like a gentle way to detangle it’s quietly damaging your hair.)

Charm Tip: Detangle hair with a Wet brush by starting at the ends and working your way to the top.

  • Aggressively drying hair with a towel.

  • Hair styles like braids or high ponytails.

Try these seamless, elastic hair ties instead!


Do you spend summertime laying out at the beach or in the pool? Seasonal changes and environmental elements can cause your hair to dry out, color to fade, and accelerate existing damage. Here are ways environmental factors are damaging your hair:

  • Strong winds. (Your hair hates the wind as much as you do.)

  • UV Rays.

  • Chlorine & saltwater.

  • Indoor heat.

  • Hot showers. (Especially the extra hot, steamy ones in the winter!)


Back to that old flat iron… Heat styling can cause color fading, dryness, and brittleness. Using tools such as blow dryers, flat irons, and curling irons regularly will lead to thermal damage.

Charm Tip: While we know that we all want that Pinterest-worthy hair for our daily Zoom meetings, try opting for a natural hairstyle every now and then!

If your flat iron is a part of your everyday hair routine it is important to invest in products to protect and help your hair recover from heat damage.


There is a common misconception that chemical treatments like color, lighteners, keratin treatments, perms, and chemical straightening can lead to hair damage. If you visit a trusted, trained, and experienced hair stylist you should not experience hair damage after a chemical treatment. The truth is, chemical treatments do leave our hair vulnerable. It’s up to you to maintain the health and integrity of your hair post treatment. Don’t worry! Our team will help you invest in the right products and establish a healthy

hair routine.

So, how are you damaging your hair at home? Is it time to break up with your flat iron? We recommend the BaBylissPro Straightener! It’s titanium plates provide even heat distribution so you need fewer passes to get your desired effect (cut down on your styling time!).

While it may seem that hair damage is inevitable, there are techniques and products that can help prevent and minimize damage. Our next blog post is all things Olaplex, a leading independent hair care brand known for its bond building technology. It works on all hair types and helps protect and repair hair from mechanical, environmental, thermal, and chemical damage. Stay tuned!

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