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6 Tips to a Smoother Blow-dry

Updated: Feb 16

Have you ever tried to emulate that same salon blow-dry look at home? It's hard!

I love a fresh blowdry.

I didn't come out of the womb knowing how to blowdry my hair with a round brush. It took practice. Trust me, there were many brushes stuck in my hair and lots of F-bombs in the learning process. I've put together some tips to help you get started on getting that smooth blow-dry. These tips can help prevent the brush from getting stuck in your hair!

1. Use good quality products

Using good products will help you get a smooth frizz-free look. It is also good to use a product that will protect your hair against the heat of the dryer.

Here are some of my go-to's. I do use different products depending on the look I'm going for and what my hair needs.

When my hair is towel dried I like to use the conditioning spray from Enjoy or the Davines called Milk-in-one. This helps detangle my hair as I comb it out.

Once I am ready to go in with a round brush, I like to add heat protection to each section. The blowdryer can get very hot so it's very important to use a product that will add a protective layer. I like the Hair Shiel from Davines or the Bonding Oil from Olaplex.

2. Choosing the right brush

The size and material of the round brush matter. I could write one full blog on just brushes. I will make a long story short. Your hair should be able to wrap around the diameter of the brush at least once. I prefer two times to get the maximum volume and or curl.

I like to use bigger round brushes on myself because I have long hair.

(I've waited many years to say that!!) The smaller round brushes get tangled in my hair. If your hair is shoulder length, a smaller diameter brush is ideal.

The two most common ones that I like to use are the vented metal round brushes and the boar bristle round brushes. The vented metal round brush is good for getting a curl. Just keep in mind, a hot blowdryer to metal will heat your hair. Boar bristle brushes are better to keep your hair healthy. They're also good to help you keep the tension of the hair. More on that on tip number 5.

3. Start using the round brush when your hair is about 90 percent dry.

If you start the blowdry right off the bat with a round brush you are just drying your hair. You are using a lot of energy and your arms will pay the price. If this is how you've been blowdrying I can see why this would be an unenjoyable experience for you. This can also dry out your hair. Your hair will only start forming to the brush while it's at that percentage of dryness.

The above does not apply to you if you have extremely curly hair. You may have to start drying right away. Start in the front at the flyaways.

4. Take small sections

Until you have mastered the blow-dry, I suggest you take smaller sections to have better control. This will prevent you from getting "lost." This will also help with controlling the frizz.

5. Keep the tension

This is so important in the smoothness of your blowdry. You have to keep the tension so that the hair forms without the frizz. If this step is difficult for you I highly suggest you get a boar bristle brush.

6. Cool it down.

Ever wonder why blowdryers have that cool setting? It helps set the curl. The heat forms it and the cool sets the shape. Cooling the hair also helps the style last longer. As your hair is still wrapped in the brush, you can use the cool setting or as I prefer.. just hold the brush there until the hair has completely cooled down.

I hope these tips were helpful. Let me know how they worked for you. Better yet, tag me! IG at @charmedbycrystal or on FB @SBcharmstudio

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