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Dealing with Dandruff

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

I get asked about dandruff quite often so let’s talk about it. What is dandruff? Dandruff is a skin condition that causes dry skin to flake mainly on the scalp but you can also get it on your eyebrows and men can get it on their facial hair areas.

Charm Tip: Sometimes you may suspect that you have dandruff but it's actually just dried up product. To prevent this, just add more time to your rinse when rinsing out your shampoo and conditioner.

What causes dandruff?

It's normal to get dandruff. Here are some common causes of dandruff:

Seasonal. Some people get it when the seasons change. I see it more often when the season changes from winter to spring.

Stress. Believe it or not, stress can cause many changes to your hair and scalp!

Hot water. Sometimes just washing your hair with hot water can cause your scalp to dry. Cool it down. (Your hair will appreciate it!)

Oily hair. This causes your oil to build up on your scalp causing flakes.

Hair products. Some shampoos can cause dandruff. Detergents in shampoos can build up causing flakes.

How do you treat dandruff?

Before you ask… No, I don't recommend any shampoos from CVS, Target, etc. (You know which ones I'm talking about.) Products found in these stores can contain ingredients that are not good for your hair.

If you're struggling with dandruff, try washing your hair more often. This will help reduce the oils on your scalp that contribute to that build up.

Like I mentioned before, some shampoos can cause flakes. Try switching up your shampoo.

The best way to treat dandruff is a combination of tools and products including scalp massagers, nylon bristle brushes, scalp treatments, and specialty shampoo.

What hair tools should I use on my scalp?

These are a great way to cleanse and invigorate your scalp. They will help with flaking by exfoliating those dead skin cells.

The old school plastic brushes also help with this. They help invigorate the scalp encouraging that blood flow.

What shampoo/conditioner do you recommend?

Malibu C

I really like this company because they concentrate on wellness solutions. They have a kit specifically for dandruff. This kit contains shampoo, conditioner, and four treatment packets. It's really gentle so it can be used everyday yet powerful enough to get rid of the flakes. It also helps calm your scalp to soothe the itchiness. The treatment packets instantly help smooth your scalp. It's like a scalp massage in a packet! All of the instructions are included in the back of the packet.

Click the button below to get your scalp wellness kit.

Charm Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. I am sharing this information with you for informational purposes only. If you’re experiencing extreme dandruff and it’s not going away with the tips listed above, please visit your dermatologist.

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