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How to Prepare for your Hair Color Appointment

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

You've done your research. You've googled, yelped, and scrolled through so many hairstylists pages. You have found the perfect stylist for you. After weeks of stalking their profile, you finally hit that "Book Now" button, Now you're just counting down the days until your appointment.

Let's start the prep work. This will not only help you feel ready but also help you get your color results to last longer.

Clarify. I suggest 5-7 days before your appointment. Using a good clarifying shampoo helps get rid of any buildup in the hair. As always, I really like the Enjoys clarifying shampoo.

Olaplex treatment. If you're getting a lightening service done, I suggest an Olaplex No. 0 and 3 treatment done a week before your appointment. There is more information on these products and a "How-to" on my previous blog. Check out the blog library.

Bring pictures. Consultations are done before any service. I always suggest that you bring inspirational pictures, Keep in mind, these are INSPIRATION pictures.

Bringing in photos helps get an idea of what you are looking for. Look for pictures of people with the color that you have now and your skin tone. Together we narrow down your desired look.

Let's be honest. I'll ask you a series of questions, including asking about the last time you colored your hair. On very rare occasions, I've had someone tell me that they have never colored their hair. The lightener always knows!

Each strand of your hair has a history. No matter what you did to your hair until it is cut off, it will remain in your hair. We need to know so that we know what to formulate.

Shampoo your hair. "Dirty hair makes your color last longer" is a myth. Wash your hair 1-2 days prior. If you're getting lightener on the roots, then that's when dirty hair works. That oil build-up will help give your scalp some protection.

Eat before your appointment. A lot of lightening service appointments like balayage and highlights take a lot of time. The average time is 3-5 hours. Most salons have snacks but nothing that will satisfy your hunger like a full meal.

Be ready for those before and after pics. If you sat in my chair you know this is my thang! Stylists today use before and after pictures for a variety of reasons. Mainly marketing. We no longer cut clips out of magazines and bring them to the stylist. Most likely you too picked out some pictures from social media. 😊

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