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Keeping Vacation Hair Healthy

Updated: Feb 27

Hair Vacation in Maui

Should I even go in the water? Is it worth it?

YES! Live your life girl! Here are a few tips so that your hair can live its best life on vacation.

The dirty truth is... frequent dips in the ocean and/or the pool can damage your hair causing split ends. If you're the 1% that have EXTREMELY damaged hair then I wouldn't recommend it. If you follow my tips then your hair will be okay. Let's be honest, you're probably going to get in the water anyway.


OIL OIL OIL!! This is an important step for protecting your hair. Oil, not serum. There is a difference my friends. The oil penetrates the hair shaft. By doing this it prevents chlorine from entering into the hair cuticle. Oil helps make your hair waterproof. For all my blondes, this will protect your hair and prevent it from turning green.

Forgot to pack your travel size Oil?

Spray your hair with a leave-in conditioner. I recommend Davines Milk-in-one or Enjoys conditioning spray, They make travel sizes. not only nourishes, hydrates, and strengthens your hair but will add a protective layer against chlorine. Wet your hair and call it a day.

Didn't pack leave-in conditioner Spray ??

What's wrong with you? Kidding! Moving on to the next option.

Lahaina Beach Resort
Rinse off station in Lahaina, Maui

You know those little rinse-off stations, like the one pictured to the right? Use those! Wetting your hair prior allows less of the chlorine or saltwater to be absorbed.

Think of these "before tips" as your hair pre-workout.


You know I'm going to say it! SWIMMING CAP. It really is the best way to protect your hair. I get it, if you're at a pool party in Vegas or at a nice get-a-way you're not wearing a cap. I don't blame you.

Throw your hair up in a high bun. This will prevent getting it wet as much as possible.


You might not be the only one hungover. The cure for your Hair Hangover is below.

Wash your hair! If you're unable to wash right away, rinse off. If you see a rinse-off station, use it! This will remove the saltwater/chlorine and some build-up.

I recommend Malibu C's Swimmers hair kit if you're vacationing in pools. This will protect your hair against the damaging effects of chlorine. The conditioner in the kit will also add moisture that may have been lost.

For ocean water, I recommend shampooing twice with a clarifying shampoo. This will remove any buildup. It's PH balanced so it won't strip away your color. Follow this with a professional grade hydration masque. I recommend the Davines Hair Butter or the Enojoy masque. This will replenish dry hair. Throw a shampoo cap on and leave it on for at least five minutes. This makes your hair feel like silk.

Show me your hair on vacation. Send me your selfie at the beach or pool!

Tag me on IG@charm.hairstudio or Facebook @SBcharmstudio using the hashtag #HAIRONVACATION AND #CHARMEDbycrystal

Maybe you might win some products for your next vacation! ;)

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