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Let's talk about Coconut Oil

Updated: Feb 27

Let's talk Coconut oil!

We’ve all either tried it or knows someone that swears by it.

Why do they do it? The majority of people putting coconut oil in their hair are doing so because someone told them it will repair and add moisture.

Does it? No. Let's first back up. Did you know your hair strand had 2-3 layers? I have created an illustration for you.

This is showing the close-up of a hair strand. The outside of the hair is known as the hair cuticle. When you get color done, most likely it is entering the cuticle and into the cortex of the hair. Cool fact: The innermost layer called the medulla is not found in naturally blonde or thin hair.

In order for a deep conditioning treatment or conditioning product to work, the molecules have to be small enough to penetrate the hair.

Coconut oils, cheap shampoos, and cheap hair products all do the same thing. They add a layer of wax on top of the hair cuticle. This may be why your color fades quickly or why the lightener isn't pulling as light as it usually would before the foils get too hot.

As shown to the right, it just coats your hair. so let's agree to leave the coconut oil in the KITCHEN.

The PROFESSIONAL products that are designed to repair, are small enough to enter the hair and repair it.

So what if you want to clear the build-up? Get a professional brand of clarifying shampoo or book a clarifying treatment.

Clarify! You’ll feel like you have a new head of hair.

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