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Tips for Curling Your Hair for the Holidays

Updated: Feb 27

"How do I curl my hair?" This has to be the most asked question when it comes to styling hair. Here are some tips to help you curl your hair for the holidays! Follow my Instagram page @charmedbycrystal for more hair tips + tutorials!


Tip #1: Practice the curling motion with your curling iron turned off.

This is especially helpful if you’re nervous that you’ll burn yourself.

Tip #2: Make sure your hair is 100% dry when applying heat to it.

I personally do not recommend tools that claim that you're able to straighten your hair when it's wet. (That just yells damage to me!)

Tip #3: Choose the right barrel for your hair length.

For short to shoulder length hair, I recommend a 1 inch barrel.

For medium to long hair, I recommend using a 1.25 inch barrel. Anything bigger will give you a wave instead of a curl.

Tip #4: Set your curling iron to the right temperature for your hair.

If you have fine hair, you should be using a lower temperature setting.

For coarse and thick hair, it's okay to use a higher setting. Just be sure not to let the curling iron sit on your hair too long. No more than 8 seconds. 10 for extra thick sections.

Tip #5: Always use a heat protectant!

Before you use any hot tool on your hair, always apply a heat protectant. I recommend the Davines MELU Hair Shield. You can apply it all at once or apply it at each section

Tip #6: Leave out the ends.

Help limit damage by leaving out the tips of your hair. I usually leave an inch or less.

Ready to curl your hair? Shop curling irons below!


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